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Fine Art Photographer

Buenos Aires, Argentina

María self


Born in a farm near Reconquista, Santa Fe province, Argentina, in 1955. Worked at the family farm and as a cook in a rural school. Attended secondary school as an adult in Reconquista while she worked as a baby sitter and seamstress.

In 1984, she moves to Buenos Aires. There she whorks as an apparell designer and studies visual arts with Alicia Silman (1984-1987). In 1992, she moves to Baton Rouge, Lousisna, USA, where she studies photography and art history in the School of Art at Louisiana State University, USA (1993-1997). In 1996, she obtains a schollarship to attend The School for Photographic Studies in Prague, Czech Republic.

In 1997, she moves back to Argentina, where she concentrates on her photographic work. She has travelled to Mozambique, Italy, Germany and back to the US to present shows of her work. In 2005, she stays in Italy sponsored by the government of Gorizia to develop her project Parenti Lontani.

Individual Exhibitions

  • Sempre c´è mondo. Spazio d´Arte Tilt, Cormons, Gorizia, Italia, 2009.

  • Nosotros los Gringos. Pougny, France, 2009.

  • Parientes Lejanos - Parenti Lontani. Museo Municipal de Arte, Reconquista, Santa Fé, Argentina, 2009.

  • Parientes Lejanos - Parenti Lontani. Centro Cultural Recoleta, Sala 6, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2008.

  • Chaos and Order 2008. Hiša kulture, Šmartno, Slovenija, 2008.

  • Chaos and Order 2008. Spazio Rita Ciprelli, Chieti, Italia, 2008.

  • Chaos and Order 2006. Espacio de Arte, Reconquista, Argentina, 2006.

  • Parientes Lejanos - Parenti Lontani. Museo Provinciale, Gorizia, Italy, 2005.

  • Chaco Wichi. Universidad de San Luis, San Luis, Argentina, 2005.

  • Nosostros los Gringos. Palazzo Locatelli, Cormons, Gorizia, Italia, 2005.

  • Chaos and Orden 2004. La Biblioteque, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2004.

  • Nosotros los Gringos (Wir die Gringos in Argentinien). Fotogalerie Friedichshen, Berlin Buenos Aires Festival, Berlin, Germany, 2004.

  • Chaco Wichi. Light Festival, Córdoba, Argentina, 2004.

  • Naked Portraits. Josefina Merienda Art Gallery, Rosario, Argentina, 2003.

  • Portraits. (the original title Nosotros los Gringos, which refers to farmers in northern Argentina was not accepted by the owners of the exhibition space) Morgans Chase Bank, Houston, USA, 2003.

  • Nosotros los Gringos (We the Gringos in Argentina). LSU Museum of Art, Baton Rouge, USA, 2003.

  • Nosotros los Gringos. ICANA (Instituto Cultural Argentino Norteamericano), Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2003.

  • Nosotros los Gringos. Archimboldo Art Gallery, Buenos Aires Light Festival, Argentina, 2002.

  • Nosotros los Gringos. Escuela Provincial de Arte, Reconquista, Argentina, 2002.

  • Hombre y Paisaje del Chaco Argentino. UFZ, Leipzig, Germany. 2002.

  • Chaos and Order 2002. Museo Provincial Rosa Galisteo de Rodríguez, Santa Fe, Argentina. 2002.

  • Epifanias de la Materia (co-authorship with sculptor Omar Estela). Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2000.

  • Chaos and Order 2000. Galería Perez Quesada Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.2000.

  • Heteroerótica. Te Mataré Ramirez, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1999.

  • Chaco Wichi - Retratos Devestidos. Escuela Provincial de Arte, Reconquista, Argentina, 1999.

  • Fotografía Artística. Asociacion Mozambicana de Fotografía, Maputo, Mozambique, 1999.

  • Fotografía Alternativa. Salón Cultural Bernardino Rivadavia, La Plata, Argentina, 1998.

  • Photos. Fotogalería Municipal de Santa Fe, Santa Fe, Argentina, 1998.

  • Imágenes. Galería Arte x Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1998.

  • Cordenons-Avellaneda. Centro Culturale Aldo Moro, Cordenons, Pordenone, Italia. 1998.

  • Photos. Centro Cultural Recoleta, Sala Fotoespacio, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1997

  • Naked Portraits. College of Design Art Gallery, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA. 1997.